Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 32: Call to Mind

"Seek the Lord and his strength :
 O seek his face continually.
Call to mind what wonders he has done :
 his marvellous acts, and the judgements of his mouth,
-Psalm 105:4-5

Have you ever had a moment where you thought God was not listening to you? I know I’ve felt like that. The sad part is sometimes I do give up. I know it’s hard for people to admit that they have given up on God, but everyone has a moment of weakness. In today’s reflection, I look at Psalm 105, where it reminds me that God shows you what wonders he has created.

The moment that you have seen your troubles and ask God “why me,” you tend to forget that maybe there was a reason; you spilled your coffee on you, forgot to pay your parking ticket, or even fell late on paying your bills. The “why me” moments or questions, are actually the answer to why it happens. In the verse 4 it states “seek the lord and his strength” How powerful is that? It is a saying that most of us tend to forget when these “why me” problems happen. For example, I always would turn to God and ask him “why me” when there was a problem, that the only time that I thought I needed him. I didn’t realize until later that I had to seek him and his strength to find an answer.

My nephew helped me started seeking the lord and his strength. When he would come over on Saturdays, I forget my problems because I realized that God’s strength was in my nephew. This is then brought to verse 5 where it states, “Call to mind what wonders he has done, his marvelous acts.” My nephew was the marvelous thing that god created and that was my answer to seeking out the lord. All my “why me” problems went away and I found the answer to those questions.

Your answer to seek the lord is all around us. We are reminded of it when we see the sunrise, play with our dog, spend time with our family, or even just reading a book outside under a tree. We are surrounded by many creations and we must remember that the lord’s strength is when we see his marvelous doings.

Joseph Morin is from the Diocese of West Texas and 
serving in Panama with Iglesia Episcopal San Mateo. 

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